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Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Glitz from Converse

Are you ready to get your GLITZ on? Haha. Converse has a new "Winter Glitz Collection" and I'm sooooo excited about it! See, being a heels girl, I've been debating a purchase of a pair of classic Chuck Taylors for well over a year now (obvi I had them as a kid, and obvi little C. has already owned several pairs, ha), but could never make myself do it. I kept thinking how will I wear them and will I wear them? Very good questions for a heels girl, no?

Ok, so when I saw these sparkly numbers and they offered to send me a pair to sample I said YES, YES! (ok, maybe not twice like that...) So far, I've worn them with cuffed jeans and a long-sleeve tee (bumming around the house with little C., thank you), and last night I wore them with a pair of skinny jeans and layered a couple of oversized shirts. I especially love them with skinnies because you can really show them off! They're flashy, they're sparkly, but you know what? They're not over-the-top at all. (I'm just waiting for the newness of the bright white trim and laces to wear off a la Jerry Seinfeld, haha!) They come in black, silver and hot pink (sorry, but I had to do black...) and you can scoop them up at Nordstrom for $59.95.

I'm still trying to be brave a la Kristen Stewart and pair them with a dress this holiday season, so I'll let you know how that goes. Until then, I'll be caroling away in my skinnies and glitz. This is the one pair of sneakers I don't feel odd wearing...

P.S. When you order these, I rec ordering a size smaller. I actually have a half size larger (it's what was avail...) and thicker socks are what I wear. But these notoriously run a bit larger (little C's did as well), so at least a half size smaller would be be best. Nordstrom's site also has a size chart for reference!

[Photo from Nordstrom.com]

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