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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wish List: Express Zelda Jean Legging

Kicking myself in the left and right knee for not buying these jeans. Ok, let me explain. I was just in Express this weekend perusing the goods when I decided, with my holiday spirit I should be all nice and such and buy d. something (which I won't mention because I know he's reading this...ok, and maybe I did buy myself a shirt, but that's beside the point here...). I spotted these jeans (Express Zelda jean legging) on a table in the back and thought I should have them...in spiced guava. Granted, I didn't try them on, but now I'm seeing photos of Alessandra Ambrosio in them and I hafta, hafta, hafta have them. 

Truth is, I know I can never compare to lil' Ms. AA doing her thing in the spiced guava I'm so in love with, for real. But, I can certainly rock them in my own, stylish way. They're only $80 and I have a pair of boots just like hers that would look amazing with my white button-down. Ok, fine. So, I wanna be just like Alessandra Ambrosio. Don't you?? Wink.

P.S. Snatch them here...I think these just might be the pair of colored jeans I've been waiting for my whole life.

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