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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ashley Tisdale in ASH Riding Boots

I thought I'd show you this today because I cheated a little on my heels this weekend and wore my black riding boots (ok, not allll weekend). A shoe closet staple is a pair of these, lovelies. You can't get through the fall/winter without a pair...simply put. They're the weekend shoe and I love pairing them with a dress just as Ashley Tisdale did recently. 

L.A. folks are odd in that they can wear a dress...with boots...with a scarf - and somehow not look odd. Granted, there would be stares around here, so I usually slip on leggings or at least a denim legging with mine. The boots here are the Scott black leather distressed and, psst. They're on sale now for $230! That zipper...that rugged charm...it's mighty tempting, if I don't say so myself...

 [Photo Courtesy ASH]

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  1. She should be the new face - well, feet- for ASH' campaigns! She's wearing ASH boots like all the time. Can't wait to order my Ash trash biker boots.


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