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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIGS: Done in Great Style

DIGS (which stands for Done In Great Style...obvi) just opened a flagship locale at 248 Lafayette in NY and launched a newly-designed e-commerce site where you can shop 'til your little heart's content. 

DIGS is exciting because it has all of the chicness factor, with none of the broke factor, if ya catch my drift. It's actually affordable, in other words! Yet, you can still be on trend and feel like you're getting something for your money. If you're lucky enough to visit the store, it's very lush and lounge-like with European-inspired furniture, elegant chandeliers and a signature black-and-white wallpaper. Plus, all furnishings are for sale! (aww, I think I'll BUY this chair I've been resting on here, you think to yourself...)

I love all of the "collections" and especially the faux leather jacket here from the "Royal Digs" collection. (And according to the size chart, I wear a size "S," so I'm extra-loving this company, ha!) Can you believe the sweater underneath is actually attached? Talk about getting dressed easily in the morning...voila! There are some great jackets, and you should also browse the accessories. No shoes, but hey. You've got plenty of those already in your closet, right?! Lemme know what you find...

[Photo digsmoda.com]

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