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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haute Hippie Spring 2012: So Much Romance

When I laid my eyes upon the spring collection for Haute Hippie, I had to do a double take. *This* is what spring is all about, chicettes. Romance. Self discovery. Hope. A free-spirited bohemian aesthetic emerges to meet a chic, sophisticated, rock ‘n’ roll sensibility that makes perfect sense for the happy-go-lucky label.

1970’s polka dot pieces interplay with chevron stripe knits and I have to say, I love every bit of it. Tailored pieces contrast with lavish, silk chiffon numbers, and honestly I don't discriminate over any of it. Let me wear it all! The bottom photo introduces "chessories" (accessories for the chest...aka true statement pieces). And a tiered ostrich feather ball-gown? Well, I don't have anywhere to wear it, but nevertheless, still completely crush on it.

Don't forget the delicate lace dresses and skirts as well as floral prints, sweeping lines and cascading fabric we all heart so much every spring. Tailored dresses full of movement (with a focus on fringe!) make us all feel young and carefree again (and hello, I totally need that in my life right now!). 

Mosaic tile prints, jacquard sweaters, sequins, suede macramé dresses. It all equals luxury, and it makes me want to live my life to the fullest...in Haute Hippe, that is.

[Photos Courtesy Haute Hippie]

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