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Friday, January 13, 2012

Label We Heart: Never Fully Dressed

If I were a floral dress, this is one I would be. No, really. I don't often wanna be a floral dress, per se, but the way the sun's shining here and the 60-degree-weather's beaming down on me...today I wanna be this floral dress. New label for ya, check it. It's called Never Fully Dressed, and I adore it. It's sorta the closet I always wanted to have, but am a little timid to try. After all, floral, pleats and candy-apple-red, oh my! 

I didn't say it was for the conservative dresser - it's for those willing to take a slight fashion risk and try something different. A twist on something classic. Boho dress gone floral crazy...maxi skirt with added pleats (which is so on-trend right now, by the way)...a tuxedo jacket that's (gasp) cropped and a little asymmetrical. Every closet needs a touch of this, and by adding just a piece or two at a time, it won't be so intimidating. The LBD is so yesterday.

[Photos Courtesy Never Fully Dressed]

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