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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sanctuary Charmer Skinny Jeans...in RED!

Red jeans. All of a sudden I need a pair. I've been searching for the perfect one, and now that I've come across these (on fellow redhead Isla Fisher, no less), I'm sold. They're so pretty! I wasn't sure about red with my hair at first, but now that I see them on Isla, I think to myself. YES, you can rock them. Have you ever felt timid about a trend like that, too? Silly, perhaps, but sometimes it's fun to take a risk. And since these are actually labeled "rust' I think they are a more doable shade of red.

They're the Sanctuary Charmer Skinny Jean ($139) and they've stolen my heart. Be still, be still. Oof. I'm already a sucker for anything Sanctuary, and a red skinny jean would look pretty darn amazing with lotsa black (flowy top, riding boots...hello). Um, and now that I look, I probably wouldn't mind the Dark Royal hue, either. Just sayin'. 

Would you wear a pair of red jeans? Do spill!


  1. Red jeans are at the very top of my want list - i just wish my wallet could afford the J Brand Jeans pair ive fallen for!

  2. I purchased these in a size 28, my normal size and they fit very nicely. The rose color is a more flesh toned than pink but still very nice. The thing I appreciate the most is the fact that the waistband is not super rigid and stretches. So, no muffin-top but also no gaps in the back.


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