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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Enter RadarOnline's Red Carpet Ready Conest

Since we obvi heart celebs around here about as much as the peep-toes they're wearing, it was without a second thought that we should mention the RadarOnline Red Carpet Ready contest. 

You know me, I love to fill you in on the latest shoe purchase by posting my weekly "how I wore my heels" look. So, now it's your turn to upload your very own "red carpet" look on RadarOnline's site for a chance to be highlighted across all of their social media channels - from their Web site to Facebook to Twitter. Um, did I mention their site receives nearly 3 million monthly unique views?? Pick up those peep-toes and get moving if you wanna get recognized like the celebrity you are. 

Here's all you need to do to enter:

* Take a photo of yourself that includes: dress, shoes, purse, accessories, jewelry, beauty, makeup, what you're carrying in your purse
* In your caption, tell your dream celebrity date that you would bring, the brands/products you used for your look
* Be creative!
* No nudity, offensive clothing, or crude language, keep it clean!
* Contestants must be 18 +
* Go to http://www.radaronline.com/redcarpetlook to upload your photo and fill out contact information
* The winning look will be spotlighted on RadarOnline.com, Radar's Facebook page & Radar's Twitter page
* Entries must be submitted by Wednesday, February 22
* The winning Red Carpet Ready look will be chosen on Friday, February 24

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