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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Harabu House is Eco Chic

An eco-friendly jewelry maker? YES, I've found it! It's company called Harabu House, and it launched in 2010 with some of the cutest accessories - made with everything from organic cotton to recycled paper! 

I've been admiring this "31 Bits" Willow Knot Necklace ($44) for several weeks now ("31 Bits" is the brand and if you click on the link above, there's a story behind it!). It's actually five strands of gray beads knotted in the center, and the beads are handmade in Uganda from 100-percent recycled paper. 

My fav part about this necklace is the knot...I mean, they can be so chic, no? I would wear this with my fav t-shirts (LNA is a great brand!), but I think it would also look very effortless paired with a simple sheath. It's a subtle statement piece (yes, there is such a thing). And when someone asks you about it...hello, the stories you can tell!

[Photo Courtesy Harabu House]

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