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Thursday, February 9, 2012

J Brand Is No Longer "Just Jeans"

Everyone knows J Brand is one of the top brands in designer jeans (I think quite possibly every, single celebrity owns a pair, really) - and guess what?? This spring, you can now fill your closet with much more than just jeans from the beloved brand. They've launched their first "ready to wear" collection, and here I've included some of my favorite shots from the lookbook. Isn't it simply gorgeous?

The sweater with bell sleeves above is one of my must-haves - love those over-sized bell sleeves, and it's the perfect hue for spring because it can be paired with black or those candy-colored hues we're already coveting. The tan leather jacket below is so classic, yet so chic. The color is so unexpected and great for spring, while the cropped cut is so, so flattering. I would probably throw this on over everything. Who cares what you're wearing underneath when you've got this jacket.
This gray "sweatshirt dress" as I will dub it, is the typical laid-back, effortlessly cool J Brand style we all know and love. Relaxed and simple, yet the details and quality make it so much more. Wear it with a pair of tennis shoes and make it look like you're hardly even trying to look so chic! The last photo is quintessential J Brand for spring, so I just had to include. The collection includes so many amazing blazers and soft, ivory hues. There are so many options for you working girls! (sadly, I haven't worn a blazer in ages now...) Pair the blazer with skinny jeans and heels, and all eyes will be on YOU. Work it, you J Brand girl, you.

[Photos Courtesy J Brand]

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