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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Kelly Wearstler Serpent Scarf

Happy Friday, chicettes! C'mon, c'mon and let's get happy. It's time to talk scarves and who doesn't love them, right? I mean, if you feel like nothing looks good on you at the moment, your scarf will never fail you (kinda like those peep-toes...). I have an entire scarf "organizer" (which is a lovely hanger with a long row of holes that I bought at The Container Store...honestly, I couldn't live without it!). Sometimes, I just wanna wear something simple (aka Hilary Duff) - and throw on a magical, stunning scarf to make my outfit pop. Well, the chicest scarf to leave the building these days is the Serpent Scarf by Kelly Wearstler ($215). You're right, it's not cheap, but did you figure cost per wear? You could honestly wear this bad boy every day of the week. 

I also love wearing scarves like Ellen Pompeo. She recently used it to pull her outfit together - so great with a blazer! And, of course, you can tie it multiple ways for all kinds of different looks. Endless opportunities to be chic - and, hello, loving the serpent print. What a great addition to my scarf organizer, no? ;)

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