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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loeffler Randall Spring Launches TODAY

In lieu of our regularly-scheduled Whiny Wednesday, I couldn't help but write about shoes today. Goodness gracious, please forgive me, but the Loeffler Randall spring collection launches today and I just couldn't help myself. The brand is an all-time fav brand of mine (ya know, the kind that makes you weak in the knees...ahhhh....), so I'm pretty beside myself to see such amazing designs once again. I mean, we're talking polka-dot platforms, folks. My feet begin to dream...

Designer Jessie Randall spilled what really excites her this season (patterned shoes...YES!):

Neon seems to be having a moment. How did you approach incorporating it into the collection?
Jessie: I wanted it to be used in a subtle way that felt fresh and new. We used it in combination with exciting materials we'd never used before like neoprene and thick woven straw.

The collection includes bold prints - polka dots, jacquard and snakeskin. How would you wear a shoe with pattern?
Jessie: I love patterned shoes! They're perfect for any outfit - almost like a new modern neutral. When you're wearing something solid or plain they give visual interest and pep to your look. I also love mixing prints so they're almost even more exciting when you're wearing pattern - to also be wearing patterned shoes. Anything goes.
Just a couple of styles designer Jessie Randall wants in her closet this spring!

 [Photos Courtesy Loeffler Randall]

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