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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smart Communication (Call Your Friends!)

I snapped this with my smartphone!
Let me quietly interrupt this gust of "fashion week" posts (you know you love it), to speak about the love for my smartphone. It pretty much had me at hello. And I realized just how much I can't tear my little fingertips off of it as I sat in the coffee shop yesterday morning checking texts and such while blogging on my computer (I was double-teching it, eek!). You can say my smartphone's completely changed the way I communicate (and I'm no longer ashamed if an email I send says "sent from my smartphone."). 

I get that there's a point when you just need to set. the. phone. down. (I didn't touch it one time at dinner last night! ok, maybe while D. went to the bathroom...) But, really, it has made both my blogging and personal life so much easier to be able to check emails, or search for the name of something on the Web reallllly quick and then just tap the screen to call them. Don't get me wrong, I still set up "conference calls" and speak to folks in person (just ordered business cards - hey!). But, the smartphone allows me to work much more quickly, and thus much more efficiently than ever. 

Yesterday's text from an old friend reminded me of how easy it is to reach someone, yet how little I often do. I'm checking those emails or tweeting and Facebooking, yet not taking enough time to call someone and say hello (oh yeah, the smartphone has that function, too!). :) Keeping in touch is so, so easy these days, there's just no excuse. Call your long-lost friend tomorrow on your smartphone instead of text just this one time, ok? Heart you...

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