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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: All Better

There's something about a little kiss and mama's words "all better." Am I right? Today, little C. had the tiniest, and I mean tiniest little nick above his thumb on his hand. And, of course, he had to point it out to me right away and say "kiss." This is what he does if he barely even bumps something - it's always "kiss." Awww, sweet little guy. I melt. 

So, ever since he was a teeny, tiny thing (yes, I admit I still use baby talk off and on - I'm trying to "wean" myself off of it), I've dubbed the Baby Bee (from Burt's Bees) All Better Balm ($24.99) the "boo boo stick." And somehow it's caught on. He really does love that thing...and I do, too! It's meant to "soothe bumps and bruises," and I honestly can tell you, it does. Think of it as the natural alternative to Neosporin and other ointments. Instead, it's comprised of ingredients like cocoa butter (for smoothness), sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, lavender oil and other flower extracts. 

And somehow just knowing that his mama rubs that little "boo boo stick" on his boo boo seems to make it all better, indeed. Bless his baby heart.  

P.S. little C's growing and growing like you wouldn't believe, mamas! He loves to color with his crayons, read his alphabet books (he can say the entire alphabet, can you believe?) and stack blocks. He's sleeping soooo much better now thanks to a full set of teeth, and my days of quietness are long gone (aka he talks my ears off). Unfortunately, he's also addicted to sweatpants and t-shirts, so I've gotta work on him just a tad. Thank goodness for his "horse shoes" - in other words, his Polo Ralph Lauren tennis shoes. Wink. 

One more thing...I won't talk to all you mamas, for a couple more weeks as Fashion Week is HERE. Eek! Look for tons of coverage this next week on the fall runways...it's gonna be exciting!

[Photo Courtesy Burt's Bees]

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  1. Ooohh you lucky, LUCKY girl! Please nab some of those great goodies for us while you're out there livin' the good life in NYC. We live through you vicariously, you know - LOL! Have fun!!!


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