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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Christina Perri in Guishem Gown

Gasp with me, but I just haven't caught on to the whole Twilight hysteria, but rest assured all you vampy fans, I haven't really even tried (for fear of becoming addicted, perhaps?). The funny thing about it all? I'm completely obsessed with the music Christina Perri, who appears on the soundtrack. (blame it on my Pilates teach for getting me hooked...)

So she recently wore a black and purple gown (perfect vampy combo, no?) by Guishem at The Echo Awards last week in Berlin. Not sure about the body art, but the dress was phenom, and isn't she so very pretty? And in a very girl-next-door way, which I love. Too many celebs pack on the make-up and hairspray these days. 

If you haven't heard her songs "Jar of Hearts" or my latest obsession from Twilight "A Thousand Years" (on replay on my iPod), you should immediately download. There's just no way you won't heart it to pieces. (and it does go perfectly with the "roll-up," Pilates fans...)

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