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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Emmy Rossum's Purple Pumps

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a chic weekend...did you? I know I certainly did. I spent all weekend long at a local fashion week put on by all of the local stores in my fav little 'ol college town. Not to mention, I attended the shows with a dear ol' college friend of mine, so, needless to say, I had a few flashbacks here and there (especially when they started playing the Jay-Z and 50 Cent tracks we used to dance to back in the day...le sigh). Which brings me to to my heels (everything circles back to heels, right?), which were a bright cobalt blue (photos coming this week!).

This spring, I'm loving every piece of color I can set my little 20/20 eyes on (yep, never been to the eye doctor here!). I also own a pair of pretty, purple pumps in my closet, but they're more of a plum and I'm reallllllly digging this softer shade Emmy Rossum wears here by Barbara Bui (I told you I can't get enough of BB). They're just so subdued and lovely, yet they still scream look at me! They're the kind of shoes that make your whole demeanor turn sweet as pie (no belly button rings to see here, folks!). Remember to keep the rest of your outfit muted - white works rather well, don't you think? Ahhhh, so angelic.

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