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Friday, March 9, 2012

Fancy Tees, Please

Selena Gomez is practically a kid (ok, she is a kid...gosh, I'm old), so let's not compare our legs here, ok? Now that we've got this straight (whew), let's cut straight to the tee. Since I quit my 9-5 a few years ago, I've been living in tees. Yep, it's as great as it sounds. And I looooove that you can dress them up or down (yes, they look just as chic with wedges!). I probably wear some sort of tee or tank with a cardi four out of five "work" days a week - and that doesn't count weekends (hello, I live in them then). 

So, I've pledged to never, ever wear an actual "t-shirt" (gross), but those super-fine luxury tees you want to live in - um, and I do (psst..I've been known to wear them to bed, don't tell.). Selena's wearing one of those by Fluxus - the deep V sheer tank ($55). I'll never go back on my decision to invest in these types of tees (I have several from the Fluxus line, in fact, and heart them to little, bitty pieces.). You can layer them or wear them alone, or even add funky jewelry to have a bit of fun. They're easy to care for and the perfect addition to your closet for spring/summer. If you take great care of them, you'll have your "fancy tees" as I like to call them, for years to come. Investment pieces like that can't be beat! Time to rack up on some sheer tanks...

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