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Monday, March 26, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Hearts Her Alejandro Ingelmo Heels

Jennifer Lawrence has been wearing a lot of her Alejandro Ingelmo booties, and she most recently wore them leaving the Chelsea Lately show. They're the "Asym Grace" style in caramel. And I've tried so many ways to think about how to write this without sounding plain wrong, but to no avail. So just trust me when I say everyone should own a caramel booty in their closet. (ok, whew, I said it...) I've found this hue to go with so many things, including black (and in fact, this is one of my fav combos because of the contrast). 

I love how Jennifer paired hers with wide-leg jeans, although it does take away from the amazingness of the shoe. It's so sleek and chic, I'm hoping when she sits down everyone will get their true chance to oooooh and ahhhhh. (Because sitting down is mostly for showing off your shoes...did you know that?)

[Photo Courtesy BPCM]

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