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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jude Law? Sigh.

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You go through life and you develop celebrity crushes, right? Ok, fine. I'm the only one here, I see. Well, if you've seen The Holiday you probably developed a slightly annoying celeb crush on Jude Law. I mean, he used to be so downright charming and loveable. And ever since his personal affairs (no pun intended) became a mess, he hasn't been around much...and err, not so easy on the eyes. Am I right? 

The new dapper look shown here is just grand and all (male scarves are chic, no?), but may we suggest a minor hair transplant? Not sure what happened to our dear Jude, but I suppose The Holiday will continue to be replayed over and over. Memories.

[Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin]

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