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Monday, March 19, 2012

My Weekend with Chanel

Last weekend I rented a $4,000 Chanel bag - gasp with me. Yes, you really can do this! If you've ever seen Jennifer Hudson in the original Sex and the City movie you'll remember JHud rents her bag from Bag, Borrow or Steal. Let me tell you, it's soooo much fun!

Since it was my first time to rent a handbag and def anything of this retail value, I must admit I was a little nervous (ok, fine, I was shaking in my peep-toes!). But, since I had the opportunity to try it through the nice folks at BBS, I took the leap and began browsing...Chanel...Chloe...Tory...all of my favs were available to rent. With just one click...eek!

I chose to rent my bag for one week, but there's always the option to rent for one month...or perhaps longer. And get this, sometimes you can even buy it if you like it. But alas, my bag wasn't available for purchase (um, and my wallet said a huge "no" anyway....such a bossy wallet.). 

When my bag arrived (for a signature) at my front door, I was over the moon. I opened the box, and she was everything. I did decide, however, I would only carry her to my events that weekend...somehow I just couldn't drag her to the messy salon or grocery store. But, when I carried her I loved every. single. second. What a *great* bag! (I do love totes for how very, very roomy they are...I fit so many things in this one!)

I carried my "new" bag with me everywhere I went, and she received her own seat whenever it allowed. (insert smile) And once my week rolled around, I was sad to see her go, but it was so very easy to return (no hassles). I logged in to the BBS site, printed the return label (stuck it on the box I had kept from when it was delivered) and dropped it off at UPS. Once BBS received, they sent an email to let me know. Whhhhew, huge sigh of relief. 

Now? I'm currently scheming my next rental...if it's not a fabulous handbag, I'm thinking Chanel jewelry. Maybe I won't be quite as nervous this time...oh, who am I kidding...

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  1. You look great! We're glad you enjoyed the Chanel handbag.


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