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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Neosporin Moisture Essentials

I don't have eczema at the moment, but in the past I've actually had bouts of it. I'm not really sure how that even happens because most of the folks with it I know seem to have it once and have it forever - ugh. So blessed I didn't fall into that category because from what I hear it can be a royal pain. Heck, even having the bits and pieces of it for me was terrible. I tried everything to get rid of that dry, patchy (itchy!) skin (exercise and heat made it so much worse), and nothing seemed to work. I truly wish they would've had these new Moisture Essentials products by Neosporin back then. (By the way, did you know more than 35 million people suffer from it today...that's a nearly 400-percent increase in the past 30 years...pretty incredible.)

Right now, I'm using the sample products I received just to give my skin that extra boost in moisture (especially needed during the dry winter months, but I find my skin can ask for it in the heat as well...feed me, it says!). The body wash is great because it's non-irritating, and if you have eczema you know even the slightest bit of those gorgeous bottles with lovely scents can irritate. It's especially for sensitive skin and perfectly moisturizes dry skin. The anti-itch cream, which contains hydrocortisone, is a quick fix for those pesky flare-ups - and it improves all the yucky flakiness and redness that often shows up uninvited. And the moisturizing cream is clinically shown to restore visibly healthier skin in three days. Yep, three days! It contains colloidal oatmeal, which is a typical ingredient to relieve dryness and irritation. All three of the products contain a unique RELIPID formula (a lipid, humectant, emollient and botanical blend) to retain moisture.

I could go on and on and preach all day, but you've really gotta try it to see it, so visit the First Aid aisles of one of your local food, drug and mass market retailers. And let me know how it goes! Here's to X-ing out eczema! xoxo

[Photos form Neosporin]

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  1. I get flare-ups especially in the winter so this is an amazing find! Thanks for sharing!


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