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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New Spin on the LBF (psst...little black flat)

I know, I know. Let's cut to the chase. I wore FLATS. I told you I would talk more about this photo I posted the other day, specifically the shoes, so here goes. When I haven't been in my heels, I've lately been living in these glittery goodies ($39.99) from Wanted. I was sent these to test out the new spring lovelies they've got going on, and let me tell you. They test drive WELL.

They're called the Razzle and they come in several colors. The site says to size half a size larger than normal, but I personally found them to fit true to size. What I love (besides the glitz!) is the sheer comfort. You know those shoes you see that look like true ballerina shoes and they curve and look sorta silly off the foot? I've found those are the most comfortable flats because they truly fit and form to the foot. The elasticized edging is all that.

I own a handful of flats, let's be honest. So when it comes to these shoes, I want quality over quantity. I went for these because (a) they go with everything, especially all of the colored denim for spring and (b) they're such a great alternative to the LBF (you know, little black flat). They make your feet look so completely happy! Even if they are in flats... :)

P.S. I plan to bring these along in my bag come fashion week when my lil' feet will be running all over NYC. They're pretty much a given.

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