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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Perfect Pendant

I've been searching for the perfect gold pendant all day today to wear with a black blouson-style dress I'm wearing this weekend. I must have a million necklaces, but no pendants that are worthy. Hmph. I looooove how Jennifer Aniston layered her necklaces above, and I love to do this as well. But for some reason when I find necklaces, I think I'm buying them really long - until I get them home to wear them and think 'what a minute'! Way. too. short. Le sigh. And so it goes...

It used to be all of my jewelry was silver, silver, silver - like these Birks silver chain pendants. Now? I'm realizing I've been adding more and more gold to my jewelry counter, per se, and selecting pieces that can be mixed and matched. Forget the old rules of not wearing them together. I think it's ok! In fact, I'm pretty sure Jen wore one of each above. The number one rule in jewelry is to not go overboard, and other than that I think you're fine. I'll probably wear a single statement pendant with my dress...if I can find one in time. Such "fashion girl problems"...

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