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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Celebs Heart Hat Attack

Once it gets sunny out (um, now??), it's time to pull out all those chic hats. And I've never seen so many chic hats in one spot as those from Hat Attack, really. A flattering hat is just as much of a springtime essential, in my humble opinion, as a pair of trendy colored jeans. Not to mention, you'll have the hat around season after season. 

I've had my straw fedora from Hat Attack for a year now, and wear it every little chance I get (in fact, I wore it just this past weekend to the playground!). It's so easy to incorporate a hat into your outfit whether you're a new mom or one who's expecting like Kourtney Kardashian (and they're great for going incognito, wink.). This past weekend, KK wore the Wool Felt Hat from Hat Attack's fall collection (and so many other celebs adore these hats!). I'm currently test-driving a new floppy raffia I simply adore, and I can't wait to share photos with you very soon! 

If you can pull off wearing your hair up or away from your face a la Kourtney, by all means do it. I, however, find it much more flattering to wear my hair down - whether it's straight or wavy. Maybe I just don't have the face for it, as they say? Either way, when choosing a hat, make sure it's flattering to your head shape and hairstyle. If you can, try on similar styles in the store before you buy online and that will give you an idea before you purchase. When in doubt, I've found a fedora is flattering on most all. Such a classic!

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