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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: eco-kids

One of little C.'s fav "toys" of all right now is by far his new "eco-dough" from eco-kids. He. LOVES. it. I had been waiting to introduce his little fingers to it until after he turned two when there would be less of a chance of him becoming so curious with it. I want him to play with it, not eat it, ya know? But, even if he did, alas...with this dough, I'm not so worried.

It's made of natural and organic fruit and plant and vegetable extracts: think blueberries, carrots, organic rosemary and coconut oil. We were actually sent the gluten-free version (which is $30) to try because when at all possible, I think it's best to cut out gluten when we can. Everything in moderation, right? (little C. also eats gluten-free bread, cereal, pasta, etc.) I went nuts over this dough for that reason alone...you can't find anything out there so similar to the "mainstream" like this product. It looks and feels just like the normal Playdoh, but it's so much better for our little ones. There are five colors, and my little C. loves to makes tons of little balls out of it, haha. (Right now that's about as good as the art gets, but he's learning!)

And a quick tip I learned from the packaging? Just add a little olive oil if and when (you know it will) dries out. Last night, I actually found myself in the kitchen reworking every bit of it because all of the little trees we made had accidentally been left on the table all day. Oops. But, I'm here to say the olive oil works miracles and it's back to normal again. Huge sigh of relief here. 

P.S. We also own the eco-finger paint and it's just as cool (and you can get gluten-free for $30). It's just much harder to muster up the courage for this quite-messy activity, haha. But so, so much fun when we do. (he loves suns, moons and happy faces...so CUTE)

Oh, and while I was digging around on the site, I discovered the new eco-eggs coloring kit ($15.99) - PERFECT for Easter. I'm afraid I'm going to have to try this one out, too. Way too irresistible and all of little C.'s fav colors (blue, orange and purple)!

[Photo from eco-kids]

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