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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Moon Dough Madness

We're still pretty new "Moon Dough users," but let's just say I'm completely and utterly amazed with this stuff! Yep, it's one of those toys little C. acquires that mama loves to play with, too. And I love how hands-on it is, rather than me just sitting back, watching. Zzzz...

So, what's so cool about it? I can't even really tell you...you have to feel this stuff. It's soooo soft - like a powder, almost. It's not the typical Playdoh you're used to feeling, thus it molds much easier, and it doesn't seem near as messy. Granted, we do have it all over the floor and under our table right now. But, I'm not a bit worried because it comes up easily (by dabbing the Moon Dough together, and also vaccuuming...novel idea, I know.)!

It comes in tons of colors (pink, blue and green, just to name a few), but of course, little C. felt the need to just mix them all right in there together! So, now our Moon Dough is a "rainbow" shade and it makes for quite pretty bunny rabbits and cars and carrots (you make them from the molds provided on the lid). We found our Moon Dough at Toys 'R Us and the small individual containers were only $2.50. And it's something I feel comfortable letting little C. play with while I walk in the other room...um, for a second, anyway.

P.S. Did I mention this Moon Dough NEVER dries out? Ok, that might be one of the coolest things, actually. I reviewed the eco-dough the other week, right. Well, the olive oil helped at first, but alas...we just left it out a liiiiiittle too long to repair completely (aka it would never be the same). So, enter Moon Dough in shining armor. Yes, and the hippie in me loves that it's also wheat-free. We all win!

[Photo from Moondough.com]

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