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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: My Chat with Jessica Alba & Christopher Gavigan

Honestly? The Honest Company is one of my fav initiatives of the year. I've been looking for a place I could find completely safe products for little C. - and it just so happens you can find most anything in this one very spot at Honest.com. Developers Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan actually joined a few of us bloggers yesterday afternoon for a chat about all things Honest, and if you missed it, it's the post just below this one! Click on the "questions" tab at the bottom of the video and my question is listed as #2, just as the intro. And YES, i was freaking out (I actually sound like a mouse because I guess I didn't have my mic volume up? But, alas...)!! Jessica is one of my fav celebs (and describes herself as a "no-tolerance type of parent"), and she was completely nice and down-to-earth - just like I thought she would be. She and Christopher both agreed that the Healing Balm is def a go-to product for them. But, you have to watch the video to get the whole scoop. :)

So, I've been trying out a lot of the products I was sent over the past couple of months (I posted an initial review before I tried anything...), and I have to say I'm hearting it all. Of course, I have favs, so I'm here to tell you what they are.

I really heart:
* Honest Diapers = plant-based, bio-based wheat, stretchy, secure moisture and super-cute designs! (we can't forget that last part, haha) But, really. Diapers are THE hardest thing to find if you're looking for chlorine-free and these are a great option for both the function and fashion. (I send these to school with little C. and wonder what the teachers think!)

* Honest Shampoo/Body Wash = little C. calls this his "new shampoo." :) Because obvi that's what I called it when we received the sample in the mail - "it's your new shampoo!" So it kinda stuck and he loves it. He's always been a little sensitive about his bath products. I'll never forget when we first stuck him in the big bathtub and we were using a sample of something I had received. It burned his eyes and he started crying...I felt SO bad. I immediately threw it away and scowled at the bottle. This shampoo is non-irritating and free of chemicals. Heck, I'm thinking of trying it for myself!

* Honest Healing Balm = Just as Jessica and Christopher proclaim, this stuff is amazing! I used it just yesterday on a red spot on little C's leg and it helped pretty darn quick. And I love how it can be used for so many things - from "red spots" to dry skin or cuts and scrapes. 

* Honest Hand Soap = This is a product I had been searching high and low for and could hardly find anything without chemicals. I mean, how was I supposed to even wash little C's hands? Without guilt, of course. I now have this at every sink, and this is a can't-live-without-product for me and my outdoor-playing little boy with dirty hands.

* Honest Laundry Detergent = Another product I just could not find for our family...I never did find anything I really loved until this one came along. It's free & clear, ultra-concentrated and gentle enough for all those fancy fabrics you buy (for yourself, obvi). Jessica told a great story about how she tried a certain detergent that was meant "just for babies" with her firstborn and ended up having a "full-blown allergy attack." This is what got her going on her new company, and she says it was her "a-ha moment."

Other products I can't wait to try? Honest sunscreen (this is a big one with little C's fair skin!), hand sanitizer and multi-surface cleaner. And psst...I hear they're working on a new toothpaste!

You can go to Honest.com and sign up for a free trial...promise you'll be hooked. ;)

[Photos Courtesy The Honest Company]

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