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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: The Newest RL Gang

Gang's all here! The RL Gang, that is. This spring season, Ralph Lauren celebrates the personal style of each of the RL Gang characters. Sporty looks are updated with graphic logos, bold stripes and cool patches, while floral dresses, tailored pieces and refined preppy icons capture the soft palette of spring for all the season’s memorable occasions.

Not trying to play favs, but...I decided to post my two favs here (ok, I'm playing favs, haha). River is the "adventurous explorer", and I just love his rugged style. I think little C's a cross between this and the "athlete." While he wears plenty of button downs and Polos (yep, as in the brand), he does love his sweatpants and tees. And little Mae is the "preppy girl" in her sweet pastels and cardi. It's just too sweet not to love! Which character is your fav?

P.S. This video just launched, and you *have* to see....it's adorable!
[Photos Courtesy Ralph Lauren]

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