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Friday, April 13, 2012

Coachella Chic

Don't worry, it's still me. I'm just pretending I'm away at Coachella this weekend. I mean, that's normal. Right? My mom grew up just outside of L.A. and I still have tons of fam out there. Sadly, I've only visited L.A. once as an adult - and it's actually the moment I was inspired to write this blog. I know, weird, huh? I have no idea why, but the change in scenery totally lit a fire under me and BAM. 

But since it's Coachella weekend (any of you lucky folks going? I would die to see Radiohead in the flesh), I'm gonna put on my magenta Sanuk "sidewalk surfers" ($56) I was sent and just be carefree. Peace, love and harmony....and all that jazz. Sanuk is a line that markets itself as “Not-A-Shoe” because of their unique, patented construction – shoe top, sandal sole – allowing the feet to bend (um, as nature intended, right?). 

So as you can imagine, I'm just a tad excited to let my heel-wearing, wedge-loving feet take a weekend rest as I "pretend" I'm at Coachella (cue "Fake Plastic Trees" right about now...). They're gonna look chic in the boldest way with my purple jeans. Rock. On. 
[Photo Courtesy BWR-PR]

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