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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Just a quick note to you all to say Happy Easter (or "hoppy," as I love to say...I'm such a sucker for cheesiness, I must say. Just grin and move on...). It's hard for a fashion blog to say much else, really, because I don't believe it's much about what you'll be wearing today (heels or no heels...heck, you might not even get out of your PJs), but a true celebration. 

Whatever you're doing today, have fun (hunt some eggs, eat some ham, perhaps? hey, I am from the south...) and remember the meaning of Easter. -xoxo

P.S. Fun fact? It was three years ago on Good Friday when I found out I was expecting my little bundle of joy I love to call little C. Oh, that sweet little boy! What an amazing Easter weekend that was for me, and I just love to look back on it. :)

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