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Monday, April 16, 2012

Jérôme Dreyfuss, Linen & Leather

Look! It's your new summer travel companion...isn't she chic? Choose any one of these linen and leather military-style totes from the Jérôme Dreyfuss summer collection and you're sure to fall in love. (SJP is always seen carrying her JD bag!)

Linen is just so *fresh* for summer and the laid-back gray and khaki hues have the distressed look (it's the same cloth used for army tents!), adding further to the cool-girl, effortlessly chic aesthetic. Sometimes simplistic charm is the way to go, eh? (especially if you're going to be rocking all of that bold color elsewhere this season)

I absolutely adore how the bags use color in the leather (the sky blue being my fav) - another great use of color for summer. And that, by no means, you can't wear even more color in your outfit. More is more this season, folks. While the snakeskin version of these bags is a little pricier (ahem, much more), many of the bags start at $290. 

Ready to meet the bags? Allow me.
Carlos: already highly popular in its leather version, the neo-classical tote will now be available in linen and leather. This new version gives Carlos a hint of subversiveness.
Pat: a new and rather roomy design, exclusive to this linen range. Thanks to its two adjustable handles, it can be hand-carried or worn over the shoulder.
Mouss: an extra flat north/south bag that's also exclusive to this range. Just like Pat, Mouss can be carried in two ways.

Not sure about you, but I'm dyyyyying to try out one for myself! They look so roomy...which is totally what this girls needs (hey, sometimes I travel with an extra pair of shoes...wink.).

[Photos Courtesy Jerome Dreyfuss]

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