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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother's Day Accessory Ideas

By Sarah Kleinhenz, Guest Blogger 

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I know all you fabulous girlies out there might need/want some amazing gifts or gift ideas. I had the fabulous opportunity to go check out the Accessories Council’s Mother's Day Expo in New York City, and let me tell, you'll want everything...I mean everything!

Corinne McCormick has the cutest readers and accessories to turn your reading glasses into a fashion statement. They no longer have to be drab and boring. With fun colors and patterns, you can give your mom a stylish complement to her wardrobe by giving her a pair of these readers. 

QVC is the mother of all places to get a fabulous gift for any mom. They have you covered on everything. Anything from jewelry to face and body care to a clutch for a night out. I'm confident you'll find several things to get Mom. The only problem will be choosing what to get. My advice? This gorgeous necklace from Wendy Williams’ new jewelry line. It's even more amazing in person...trust!!!
Botkier is known for fabulous handbags, and this mint green beauty would be perfect for the mom who loves to make a statement. Mint green is “the” color this season, so why not get her a bag just as amazing as she is?
Carla Jewelry is now my “go-to” for fabulous well-made costume jewelry. I remember my mother having amazing costume jewelry when I was growing up, and you rarely see that quality these days. Any of Carla's pieces would be a great addition to a jewelry box. This gorgeous gold necklace is TO DIE FOR!
Chic Buds are amazing! They have flat cords, so they don’t get tangled in the bottom of your bag. They come in fun, bright and funky patterns, too! These would be fabulous for the workout queen, or someone who commutes to work every day! I absolutely love these - the sound quality is just as wonderful, too!
Isharya is a brand I hadn't heard of before this event, but am so glad I was introduced. They have absolutely gorgeous pieces of jewelry. From chandelier earrings to gold and jeweled cuffs, you're sure to light up any mother’s face with a jewel from them.
Lia Sophia is one of my favorite jewelry designers. You can always count on the label to have pieces that are of the moment, but still have that classic appeal and look to them. The bracelets from the spring line are a great piece to spruce up any mom’s outfit.
Roman Sunstone has these fun little stackable rings. This would be a great idea for Mother’s Day. Give her one, and the daughters or granddaughters get one as well. It’s sort of a way to tie everyone together.
Whipped Bake Shop is one treat shop you can't pass up! From their mini cupcake and brownie bites, to their Whippie Pies, you HAVE to get mom some sweets from this cute little bakery. If you live near Philly, that is!
[Photo Credit: Sarah Kleinhenz]

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  1. There aren't words to describe how much I adore these ideas!!!!


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