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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Secret to Colorblocking

When I told you these B Brian Atwood pumps were colorblock perfection back in the fall, I wasn't lying (actually Ann Curry just wore these this week on the Today show). As you know, colorblocking is a huge, huge trend this spring/summer, and a few of you have been wanting to know - how exactly do you pull it off?

Well, if you're like me, you take one look in your closet and it's a sea of black. Now, I'm in no way dissing black, I absolutely love it and it's the most flattering "hue" around. But...let's have some fun this season and bring out our eyes, our hair, our skin tone. Whatever it may be, if you use color the right way, it can totally work for you. A few tips, you ask? 

1. Go Monochromatic.
I love, love, love pairing a deeper purple with a softer purple. Or a cobalt blue with a baby blue. Or a mint green with an emerald green. The list goes on and on...All in all, this combo is uber-flattering.  

2. Go Bold. 
For those more daring, pair complete opposites together for a standout look. Cobalt blue jeans with a coral top. Emerald green pants with a yellow chiffon blouse. Everything is solid here, so it's all about the color contrast - and, my oh my, isn't it gorgeous. 

3. When in doubt, go black and white.
Did you know black and white can be considered colorblocking, too? Don't neglect the power. This huge contrast can be quite a bold statement itself, and one that is all-around lovely (and easy to put together). 

The best tip of all is to piece together all of your colors in big "chunks." A chunk of blue here, a chunk of green there. Don't go too crazy (you an always mix in neutrals to tame) or you'll look clownish. Not chic.

Good luck, my chic friends, and have a very happy Easter weekend! Time to go hunt those eggs...xo

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  1. answered all my questions! and i never knew you could pair black with white and it would still be considered colorblocking! welp, today i must put my best effort into trying this colorblocking out :) Thanks bunches!


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