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Friday, April 13, 2012

Swatch Color Codes Bracelets

As an 80s child, I grew up with Swatch. Everyone had a Swatch watch. And when my older sister G. got her first Swatch watch I wanted to be just like her. Well, Swatch is bursting on the scene again in a chic new way. Besides all of their cool watches (which are still very trendy, by the way), they've got these new Color Codes bracelets from the Lady Collection. Wooooowee. We all need one (or two), right?

The pastel palette (there are actually 10 colors, including mint!!)) is ooh la la total sweetness and I love the wraparound length (my new fav bracelet style...I mean, who would be caught dead wearing a short bracelet...shudder.) The elongated length is so, very visual - not to mention it makes up for having to figure out which bracelet to add to your pile next. The leather with aluminum buckles is high quality, too. You know what you're getting with Swatch...I've been loyal for so long, why stop now? Oh, G. is gonna be jealous now...wink.

[Photos Courtesy Swatch]

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  1. I am also totally loving the wraparound length style of bracelets and watches! Recently I saw some at the studio I have my hair cut at and fell in love! Super cute!


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