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Monday, April 9, 2012

TOMS Style Your Sole

By Sarah Kleinhenz, Guest Blogger

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to check out the TOMS Shoes showroom to see what they have in store for spring. And let me tell you, you NEED a pair of these new styles. I know, I know, we're heels girls around here, but if you're going to swap your four-inchers for some flats, these are just too perfect. 

I love what TOMS stands for so much! The one-for-one program is helping give shoes to the less fortunate, so with every pair you buy, the company gives a pair to someone who needs them. So amazing, right? For spring, you're going to see a few new styles, like the fabulous wedge (pictured at the top of this post). I mean, how cute would these look with shorts or a fun, printed summer dress? There are several new printed classics as well as some funky patterns, too. And we can't forget the new sunglasses line! There were so many great styles for both men and women. I'm itching for summer to get here just looking at all the cool shades! 

Once I checked out the upcoming styles, I was given a pair of white classic TOMS and told to design them however I wanted...EEK! This activity is something they're starting to incorporate in schools, youth centers and organizations around the country. Getting kids involved in the TOMS purpose and organization is a great way to help them understand what they're doing and giving to others. This was such a great idea! 
Although I had a blast chatting with other fellow "shoe designers," I must say creativity is not my strongest point. I think my patience starts to get the best of me! But I gave it a shot and came out with some basic, albeit unique, TOMS. You could say I stuck with my college school spirit. I'm actually pretty amazed that I was able to finish both shoes! But what girl turns down the chance to design her own TOMS, right? Not even this creatively-challanged fashionista.
Since summer's almost here and you know comfort is essential during those hot, summer months, I highly suggest you get your hands on a pair of TOMS for the season. You'll kick yourself later, if you don't. And my suggestion? The new wedge sandal, of course! 

[Photo Credit: Sarah Kleinhenz]

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  1. I'm dyin to own the crochet pink ones for spring!!


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