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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: People Puppets

Do you know how much I heart this children's brand? Words can't even describe. Cate & Levi is brand that's so many things: innovative, super-creative and ecologically sound. My heart is beating with excitement. little C. loves hand puppets (although I must admit, they can be a lot of work on this end (insert yawn)...the happiness it eludes is always so worth it). 

So, when Cate & Levi volunteered to send us a "people puppet" ($30) to try out, I was beyond exited. Every item is one of a kind. Any why? It's all made from reclaimed wool and handmade by owner Josh Title (yes, he's a dad!) in a studio in Toronto, Canada. We now own the "fireman" puppet and I use it every chance I get with little C. It's pretty important, not to mention fun (!), to play pretend, and puppets are one of the easiest ways. (Although, I did use Mr. Fireman the other day and asked in my fireman voice my name, and little C. replied "Julie." Sigh...) The quality and uniqueness of this puppet makes it so special...and I treasure it knowing it will be a keepsake for years to come.

P.S. Besides puppets? They make change purses, pillow pals and the cutest baby blankets on the planet. The company even sells 100% organic cotton tees with a reclaimed wool applique in your child's fav animal - from elephant to walrus. You guessed it...I'm already eying these for little C.'s closet. A different animal for every day of the week, perhaps?

[Photo Courtesy Cate & Levi]

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