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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Save the Trees

Earth Day is quickly approaching April 22, but around here we speak eco whenever we please. :) If you know me (or read this column!), you know I love to be eco when at all possible. And these cute-as-a-button PeopleTowels mesh perfectly within my lifestyle. You see, little C., is now two. Mr. Independent. "I do it." "Mama, no..." and on and on. Last night, we went out for pizza in which he successfully strapped himself in his own highchair (under total supervision, of course) and cue the giggles. Oh, he was so proud. He even had to show the waitress. So...that leads me to washing his hands.

Any opportunity he can get to wash his hands, he's all for it. If I head to the sink, he's dragging out his little stool behind me. Which is a great thing! But, it can get messy. So we now keep a stack of these PeopleTowels next to his sink and he just loves using them (knowing they're alllll his, of course!). Obviously, they're way better for the environment than paper towels - and they just make more sense. 

They're just slightly larger than a normal washcloth size and 100% certified organic cotton (hello, yay!). They also use low-impact dyes, and have a little loop on them if you want to attach them on the go. This particular "Save the Trees" version above is one we were sent, and a personal fav of mine! 

You can purchase a 5-day supply for $24.99 and choose from tons of patterns. Even more? You can design your own! I had no idea you could do this until right. about. now. So you know me...I'm going to grab little C.'s latest artwork right now! 

And really they're not all about being eco and cute...they actually work and absorb all the mess. Reduce your carbon footprint with these little jewels...you'll love them! Now if I can just get around to doing that laundry...

[Photo Courtesy PeopleTowels]

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