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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you're somewhere with your mama right now (swoon), but if you can't be, I hope you're celebrating all she is or was to you. Or maybe you're a mama yourself like me and hanging out with your little ones today (baby love). And if you're a mama-to-be, a huge congratulations to you. I know I wasn't ever able to appreciate my mama until I became one myself a couple of years ago. Wow, it's come full circle, ha! I love, love, love my mama and wouldn't trade her for anything - not even a new pair of shoes. :) I got a new iPhone this weekend and have been pouring through old photos of myself and little C. all night. Where did the time go, y'all? It makes me sad, of course, but it also makes me just so darn happy. I never knew I could feel so. many. things. So, I made a cute little list of some of my fav things about motherhood. Here goes...

Things I heart:
1. The twinkle in his eye...especially when he sees me for the first time when I pick him up at Mother's Day Out. It's frozen in my mind.

2. His belly laughs. I admit I do act pretty silly around him.

3. Those blue, blue eyes. Such a charmer.

4. His sweetness. You just can't get a cuddle like this anywhere else on Earth. 

5. Independence? Well, yes, it's annoying right now. But, the first time he put his shoes on "by himself," was so worth it. 

6. When he grabs my hand with his tiny hand - even if it's just to walk to his playroom.

7. His compassion. He gives his mama kisses and hugs like no other. 

8. The cutest sense of humor. He says he's five years old, you know. 

9. His temper. Haha, yes. It reminds me of myself when I see his red hair get the best of him. (His blocks all fall down = When I miss a shoe sale by one day.)

10. Our closeness. I can never put into words how much I love being a mom to this little boy. My heart explodes for him, and I cherish each and every single moment. 

Thanks, mama, for passing on to me all of your life lessons and most of all, for teaching me how to be a mama of my own. I learned everything I know from you. xoxo

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[Photo Credit: Mera Baby]

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