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Friday, May 25, 2012

Imitation is Flattery, Right?

Since I was a little girl, if there was an outfit I loved, I would try to copy it. Not in that annoying I-just-stole-my-best-friend's-latest-outfit-creations way, but in that I-love-what-that-celebrity's-wearing fashion. Keri Russell from MMC back in the day? Check. And when Melissa Joan Hart played on Clarissa Explains It All, everyone had to wonder about my fashion sense.

20 years later, not much has changed for this little girl, and I wanna copy the outfit  recently worn by Jessica Alba so, so much. She's wearing the sickest pair of AllSaints Spitalfields (the shearling suede military boot, to be exact), and I can't help but have total outfit envy. It usually happens to me with outfits I wouldn't normally see myself wearing - out-of-the-box creations, I guess. But, this military-inspired outfit def has me in a fashion tizzy. It's copycat time (and Jessica Alba, will never have to know...)!

P.S. Now that I think clearly, this might have to be a night outfit for me. Le sigh. It's already bursting into the 90-degree heat down south...ugh. I always long for summer, and then hate it because it's spent wearing very little clothing (slight prob for this clothes horse, but, alas, can't complain about all the beautiful sunshine-y days).

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