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Friday, May 4, 2012

Rachel Zoe Spring Platforms = Bananas

Are you having a good day? If not, I'm gonna shed some brightness on it RIGHT now. You might wanna sit down in your peep-toes for this one. Obvi, at I Heart Heels we write about shoe after shoe shoe. Crazy-chic ones...ones we love...shoes we can't stop thinking about in our dreams. So to see these Rachel Zoe numbers for her spring collection and to say they're some of the dreamiest heels on the planet is speaking boldly. There's a quote from a U2 song where Bono sings, "slow down my beating heart" and these are my sentiments here. Shoe crush, folks.

Whether it's Bardot, Bonnie or Beverly (they've all got those cutesy names...well, except the wedge is King, can't help ya there), every heel in the collection is a stunner. A statement shoe, if you will. I chose to show you the Beverly in yellow because isn't the color just phenom? I'm not even a yellow person, but this vivid color on this major heel just tugs at my heartstrings.
And no one can (or should) resist a black heel (little black heel, or LBH, if you will). Meet Bonnie directly below. She and I could def be new BFFs. So striking and the chicest strappy details. The contrasting on the King wedge is eye-catching and gorgeous. Or as Rachel might say, "bananas." Let's all add at least one of these to our spring closet, shall we?

[Photos Courtesy Rachel Zoe]

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  1. Those wedges are my favorite! These are se nice picks.


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