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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Style Talk with Alison Deyette

Just when I thought I knew everything about style (oh, I don't?), wham. Introducing TV host, stylist and lifestyle expert Alison Deyette. You've probably seen her at some point on a style segment on popular shows from The View to Today and How Do I Look. After interviewing Alison, I've learned so much. At I Heart Heels, we often fill you in on our fav heels, but Alison fills us all in on what you probably shouldn't be wearing on your feet (aka - the least flattering shoes around!). Plus, her fav advice from major designers she's worked with - from Michael Kors to Oscar de la Renta. We heart you, Alison!

I Heart Heels: You're on TV a lot! How do you prep for the camera - are there tricks on what to wear on screen?
Alison Deyette: When it comes to makeup on camera, in the last year, I’ve switched from wearing foundation to applying a bit of concealer and tinted moisturizer. I believe my skin holds up better under the lights and doesn’t sink into my pores so quickly. And when I’m going to be on camera for several hours, I use Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray, which seems to hold my makeup in place longer. And unlike in real life where I like to be minimal, TV requires me to wear more makeup, so on comes the eyeliner, eye shadow, more blush and a colored-in brow line. 

When it comes to wardrobe, unless I’ve been on the show previously, I always try to wear brighter colors or accessorize a neutral look with brighter, bolder pieces so I "pop" on camera. Brighter colors that work off my skin tone give me a look that says "awake and friendly."

IHH: Since summer is quickly approaching, how do we wear less clothing and still wear outfits that look slimming?
AD: It’s all about the fit of your clothes, your body shape and your comfort level. I’m not a fan of seeing my thighs in a mini, but I'm happy with the upper half of my body so I go with waist-defining dresses or skirts I can add a belt to (plus, sleeveless and v-necks work in my favor). You can keep cool by shedding the sweaters and wearing the items that show off the body parts you’re proud of without showing everything. 

IHH: You've worked with a lot of top designers. What's one thing you learned?
AD: I agree with Michael Kors that white jeans can be worn all year long. In summer, it’s simple. They go with tanks, t-shirts and just about everything. In spring and fall, they look good with striped, nautical-style tops and sweaters. And in winter, they look chic when paired with a black or navy cashmere sweater and dark boots. 

And I’m with Oscar de la Renta who believes if you can skip hosiery with a dress, then skip it. I think that’s when a sunless tanner can do wonders to make your legs look good. 

IHH: I'm a huge Pilates fan, too, so I have to ask you a few of your fav workout brands and what you usually wear to class? 
AD: OK, so I do both classic Pilates (I have for countless years) and for the last seven months, I’ve been doing SPX Pilates, which is basically Pilates for those who want to amp up their workout, have aching thighs, sweat and be thankful when the hour is over to only come back and do it again a few days later. 

I would be lost without Lululemon pants for their butt-shaping powers and Champion quilted zip-up jackets. 

IHH: I love most heels, but what are a few styles that we sometimes all love, but that don't necessarily flatter? Your fav style?
AD: I’m a fan of a slight platform heel. I have a pair of nude Prada’s that have a slight platform, are open toe and have a thicker heel. I love them, always get compliments and can wear them for a few hours without cringing. Every woman should have a neutral-toned heel since they go with just about everything and can make a dress seem more contemporary (and avoid the heavy weight of a black heel). 

- A gal also needs gold and silver metallic heels - again a better choice than always choosing a safe, black heel. 
- I try to avoid buying too many heels with an ankle strap since they can sometimes "cut off" a look of length in your body, even though you do feel more secure wearing them. 
- Mules only cut into your feet and make a slapping sound when you walk in them. 
- I loathe a platform thick-heeled flip flop. I’d like to tell ladies to stick to the basics like a good pair of Havaianas. When you want to appear taller, wear heels, not a flip flop with a heel. 
- Choose an espadrille wedge if you want casual comfort. TOMS makes several pairs for a good cause. 

IHH: Color is huge right now. Are there any rules on mixing and matching?
AD: I’d like women to be a little more experimental with their fashion and not just stick to the basics. I'm a huge fan of color-blocking, and it will never just be a trend since it looks good on just about everybody. With bright colors you look happy, and with darker tones you look strong. Nothing wrong with that! If you want to mix patterns and prints, just try to have one hue similar in both the top and bottom.

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