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Thursday, May 31, 2012

UNIQLO and Velvet Collab for the Summer

It's almost Friday! And on that note, it's got me ready to put on my weekend gear - super-soft pieces I can realllllly feel comfy in (ok, who am I kidding, I wear this kind of stuff every day! but whatev...). Two brands I heart to pieces are UNIQLO and L.A.-based label Velvet by Graham & Spencer - and they've teamed up for an amazing summer collection...squeal!!!

We're talking high-end basics (that are VERY affordable) that you'll never wanna take off. Well, except to go for a dip in the pool. Velvet has been around since 1997, and I feel like I've been wearing it about that long. Every time I make a trip to Barneys, I wind up flipping through the Velvet rack - I'm just so drawn to super-luxe tees like these, I can't help myself. 

This collection will feature 10 different pieces - from shirts and tanks to dresses and bottoms. You'll def find something to catch that chic eye of yours. I really love the fun colors of turquoise, yellow, blue and pink. I definitely love the blue and orange pairing in the photo above (I'm so struck by the combo, it gives me goosebumps!), and I think the blue maxi dress is everything. What I can't believe is everything is so affordable - from $12.90 for a tank; $19.90 for a tee or $29.90 for a dress or bottoms. 

And you can scoop them all up beginning this Monday, June 4 at one of the three UNIQLO locations in Manhattan. Sigh...you lucky, lucky New Yorkers. Pick up a piece or two for me? Wink.

[Photos Courtesy Velvet]

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  1. Hello Julie. Lovely choice of colours. I enjoyed the fashion parade tonight. Especially the Black and White ensembles. The Black and White striped patterns were a hoot ---prison stripes! How ironic.


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