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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Naomi Watts and Her Boys

I just couldn't help but post this today since I'm the mama of a sweet little boy myself. I mean, how adorable does Naomi Watts always look with her two little ones (albeit the boys were recently wearing mismatched Crocs?? haha!) strolling around New York. Such blonde, blonde hair like their mama! (ahem, did I tell you little C. has the exact, same hair color as mine...and that's saying something because my strawberry blonde hue is not one many have!)

Naomi's been wearing a pair of Goldsign Jenny high-rise (hello, comfy) selvage slim-leg, cuffed jeans (wash is Debut). They're actually $288, so this might be an incredible Mother's Day present, no? I've never owned a pair of Goldsign myself, but I know celebs swear by them - and I, myself, swear by anything as classic as these. You'll have them around forever. That is, if you can keep the ketchup/dirt/fingerpaint stains off of them. Wink.

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  1. ¡Vaya lío de Crocs que se han hecho los niños! :D



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