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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Count on Corolla, Part 2

So remember a few weeks ago when I told you I had a girl crush Olivia Palermo and her amazing style? I also heart Heidi Klum! I can always turn to Heidi for both fashion and beauty inspiration...I mean, she's one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, am I right? I don't think I quite knew the extent of her beauty, actually, until I came within a peep-toe's distance of her, just after the Project Runway show in New York this past fall. 

I was standing in line for a runway show, and all of sudden she whisked by me! (who am I kidding, I saw her taking photos miles away, and had my camera sitting on "go") I took some pretty amazing photos of her, if I don't say so myself. And from seeing her so close, I have to tell you she's even more gorgeous IRL (I know, shame, right? le sigh...)! Her hair looked a perfect sun-bleached blonde that day, and she had on the chicest of chic black jumpsuits. Body = perfect (obviously). 

That's not to say we should all feel like we need to look like Heidi Klum (hate to break it to you, but it's prob not happening), but we can find inspiration from those we admire and emulate some of our fav things (example = I think I rushed out to buy a black jumpsuit that very day). It's fun and healthy to have fashion and beauty "role models" and I do admire how Heidi stays looking so put-together with such a clan of kids. Um, I have one and can barely keep my lip gloss on straight! I know she has a team of help, but nevertheless, she juggles it all. I feel like I can always count on Heidi to bring something new and inspirational in the world of fashion and beauty to the table, yet she remains such a classic beauty. 

Silly, but kinda the same deal as a Toyota? Tried and true, but still cutting edge (I know I love my Toyota, and it's certainly served me well the past six years. Such a smart choice!).

More About Toyota
We think its tremendous popularity is proof that the 2012 Corolla offers the ideal blend of comfort, value and safety. In it, you'll find a surprising number of high-end features, like available Display Audio system. It offers remarkable performance and fuel efficiency, plus an impressive list of standard safety features. Factor in its legendary reliability, and it's even more apparent that Corolla is the smart choice. 

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