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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Current/Elliott Stiletto Jeans, How I Wore Mine

I know, I wore these boots last week. Le sigh. Fashion girl problems? No, not really. They're that awesome. And the point in my post this week is not actually the shoes (gasp!), it's the jeans. I wanna scream for the rooftop "I heart my Current/Elliott polka-dot Stiletto jeans!" - did you hear me? I've always said I wanted to own a pair of Current/Elliott jeans, and I scooped these up on sale at Anthropologie. I'm loving the monochromatic look with this green Splendid top (also from Anthro) - green is my fav color. Obviously, I love pairing my new Stiletto jeans with (duh) stilettos because the cropped length looks amazing with heels. But, they do also look just as chic with a pair of flats or ankle boots like these. 

It took me forever to find the perfect pattern in a sea of printed jeans this season (as I said before, no gigantic florals for me!), and I'm love, love, loving the polka dots (never met a polka-dot I didn't like, actually...they're even on my iPhone case!). The Stiletto jean fits pretty snug, but it's a comfy snug, I promise. And they do sit very low on the waist, which I love. For me, it's either high-rise or super-low, I absolutely hate that in-between mess. I also love the length because there's no hemming needed.

And might I mention celebs are nutso over these jeans? Jessica Alba and Rachel Bilson have the stars (which I adore as well and now have my eyes on...), while Taylor Swift has the black polka dots. These prints are the way to go if you're looking for a pattern to wear on your denim this summer (and into the fall). I just can't shake my Current/Elliott obsession!

P.S. Bangle is by Karen London, ankle boots are by Diba and handbag is by Rebecca Minkoff.

[Celeb Photos Courtesy Current/Elliott]

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