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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Emma Roberts in [BLANKNYC] Cutoffs

If you've been keeping up (and I just know you have), you've probably spotted ripped/frayed/distressed cutoffs everywhere lately (in fact, I just posted myself in a pair of denim cutoffs this week!). Well, I sort of have a new obsession with them (and it will be much greater, let me tell you, once I get these gams spray-tanned next week...). I've been buying shorts galore - and that's so not like me. But, I've found a new (chic) love affair with them that has replaced my beloved jeans for the time being...since it's about 90 degrees every day around these southern parts of the country. 

So...needless to say, I'm obsessing over the high-rise ripped (skull) shorts from [BLANKNYC] that Emma Roberts has been wearing. And they're only $78! I noticed they're selling like hotcakes online, and only have a couple sizes left, so you better hurry your little peep-toes on over before they're all gone! The heavy distressing, the frayed hem, the skull detail on the pocket and the fact that they're black (oh, and huge hooray for the high waist!). Oh, it's all too much for this girl! I'm dyyyyyying here. 

One more thing...A little tip here. I've tried on gazillions of shorts lately, and have found the shorter, frayed ones to be much more flattering than the styles that are slightly longer and cuffed (yuck). Of course, those are my legs and not yours, but just saying you shouldn't be scared of the shorter length because sometimes they cut on the leg in a much more flattering spot!

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