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Friday, June 22, 2012

Foodie with a Shoe Fetish?

By Lauren Bruksch, Guest Blogger

There’s no denying that the perfect pair of smoking-hot high heels and a deliciously decadent dessert can elicit comparable levels of excitement and even borderline-lust among women. 

Last time I was in Paris, I very truly spent equal time in Galeries Lafayette’s shoe department (and, I guess if we’re being honest, its Chantal Thomass shop-in-shop lingerie boutique) as I did in Lafayette Gourmet, the luxe department store’s gourmet market where I learned that LANVIN makes chocolates!!! In addition to salivating at the mere idea of designer chocolate, I couldn’t help but swoon over these beautiful Galler bonbons packaged so elegantly to look like chic nail polishes. It’s no surprise that, in addition to a bounty of beautiful French lingerie, heels and dresses, I smuggled these chocolates home where they beautifully accessorized my kitchen counter for months until one fateful night. Cest la vie! 

There’s something about fashion and food that goes hand-in-hand, making them a delicious pairing. As a true fanatic of both, I’m constantly comparing the two, and I love, love, love anytime I can experience them together. 

For my fellow fashion-loving foodies, here are some of my fave sweet-and-stylish finds – from my home in Manhattan Beach (near L.A.) to my former home in Manhattan, NYC.  These places prove that the way to a fashion girl’s heart is through her stomach…while dressed-up in sky-high, 150mm stilettos. 

Elleni Couture Come for a selection of designer shoes and gourmet chocolates curated from all over the world – all under one roof. Owner Skylar Tourigny says “I’ve been passionate about shoes and chocolate my entire life…Some days it’s hard to decide which one I love more, so I must have both!” 

Cupcakes CoutureFormer NY-er and FIT-grad Jenine Cravatt serves “designer cupcakes” haute from the kitchen. Each couture cake is a high-end work of art that seems way too pretty to eat, but is just too good not to enjoy.    
Eleni’s New York  One of the original “designers” of stylish sweets, this shop first introduced its handbag and shoe cookies in 1997 at the chic Chelsea Market. Eleni’s introduces a few new “collections” each year offering the season’s hautest, iconic handbags and heels. (Spring 2012 collection pictured below, upper right) 

[Photos courtesy of (clockwise from upper left): Elleni Couture, Eleni New York, Couture Cupcakes]


  1. Lanvin chocolates have no relation to the fashion house.

  2. This is the stupidest article I've ever read! What in the world do shoes have to do with food?!?!

  3. Thanks for your negative feedback; it's what continues to drive me forward.



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