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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Joyce Azria of BCBGeneration Shares Her Four Fav Summer Accessories

As you all know, I'm on beach vacay this week (le sigh...it's tough, I know), but I thought I would check in with you and say "hi!" And let you know, I'm thinking of you...how nice of me, right? I also wanted to share with you four of Joyce Azria's (Creative Director of BCBGeneration...a label I completely heart, by the way!) beach vacay essentials. I just LOVE her picks, and I'm hoping I might come across some of these items while on my trip (I would die). The heels are so sick, but the "Love" bracelet is completely adorable.
Patrizia Platform Sandal, $98

"Our BCBGeneration girl explores quirky art galleries and vintage shops this summer, where she finds textures and shapes that fuel her imagination. She’s attracted to tribal prints, and she dresses in soft fabrics like washed crepe, textured voiles and leaf lace that echo her relaxed attitude. Some of my favorite Summer 2012 accessories to complete the Generation girl's eclectic look are the Zenas Sandals, our moody affirmation bracelets, the Patrizia Platform Sandals and the Natural Elastic Waist Belt!" -- Joyce Azria, Creative Director of BCBGeneration
Zenas Sandal, $118

"Love" Affirmation Bracelet, $26

Natural Elastic Waist Belt, $38

[Photos Courtesy BCBGeneration]

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