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Friday, June 8, 2012

Koolaburra Shoes For Every Mood

Sometimes you view a collection and there's just not much that captures your heart...because for thing, it's all. the. same. shoe. Other times? There's something for everyone, and a shoe to capture your every mood. That's the fall Koolaburra collection to a tee. Celebs are mad crazy about these shoes, and I can see why. You can find just the perfect shoe to fit your exact style - or mood (because I would wear every one of these shoes, depending on how I felt for the day!). 

Wedges are still omg-worthy this fall, so look for those that will truly stand out (aka the Carmen zip-ups above or the red suede Katelyn number just below - on fire). And fringe is gonna be way too cool when the weather turns cooler, so you might wanna glance towards that red Veleta wedge at the bottom. Isn't it completely over-the-top fun? In a good way, duh.
And for later in the fall when you start to long for coziness to add to your chicness, the sheepskin Marlee boot is just the trick. You can roll them down for a totally different look (another mood, perhaps? I have so many...). And the black multi-colored Myka boot has got me in a tizzy. I can tell these are gonna have to go in my closet by year-end. They're too unique, right? And I just know my feet are going to need a break at some point from wearing all these wedges. Such is the life...

[Photos Courtesy Koolaburra]

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