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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Top 5 Summer Trends

By Tiffany M., Guest Blogger

Hey guys! I'm Tiffany from beijosTiffany and I'll be filling in today while Julie is enjoying her much-deserved vacation. When Julie asked me to do a post about my "5 favorite trends for summer," my head instantly starting remembering every look I've fallen in love with lately. From other fashion bloggers, to runway shows, to fashion magazines to everyday life and nature, I get my inspiration from everything and everywhere. Putting together my top 5 trends ended up being quite difficult after I wrote my list and had about 15! But, here are my top 5 summer trends you'll definitely see me wearing.
Gap Boyfriend Roll Shorts-$39.95|Neon the Scene Skirt -$32.99|Angie Alexi Shirt Dress - $34.90
Trend: Neon colors It's no surprise that neon colors are going to be a huge trend for summer. Just looking around you see this huge injection of color into people's wardrobes lately. Neon pink, yellow, orange, green - I've been seeing it all. I know it might seem a little "flashback to the 80's," but I had a great time in the 80's as a kid and I'm fully prepared to rock out in neon colors again.
hi low
Trend: Hi-low Also referred to as the "mullet." I was a little hesitant about getting on board with this trend. I just have this huge disgust with the word mullet. But, being a true fashionista, I attempted the look with a hi-low shirt and have to admit I loved it. It gives you this added security in the back, which is one of my insecurities. I've had my eye on skirts lately and can't wait to snatch up the orange one.
Modcloth Sunny Attitude Top - $42.99|ASOS Top - $36.45|Modcloth Royal Ways Dress - $42.99
Trend: Peplum The peplum trend is forever one. It just takes a little patience to find the right top with the right proportions for your body. If you try the peplum trend, keep these tips in mind: Only opt for pieces that create that S-curve by really drawing in the waist. You'll probably find it easier to start off with a top or jacket with peplum high at the waist as opposed to a skirt with peplum that flares out from lower on the body. For those with a boyish/straight up-and-down figure, peplums can add volume and shape to the hips. They also work wonders if your stomach is feeling less than flat.
Mossimo Skinny Ankle Pants - $24.99|Topshop Cut Out Tunic - $40|Forever 21 Maxi Skirt - $24.80
Trend: Mint The mint trend is one of my favorites. The color is so pale and cool, yet makes me feel very girly when wearing it. I look at mint as a basic color now and love adding bright contrasting colors like neon pink or bright purple.
Deborah Lippmann: On the Beach - $16|Essie: Fear or Desire - $8|Zoya: Kimber -$8|Zoya: Tracie - $8
Trend: Bright nails Bright nails are a great way to inject color into your wardrobe. If you're craving color, but are still a little hesitant about adding it into your clothing wardrobe, try it with your nails first. Before I started sporting my favorite neon pink skirt, I started out small with the color on my nails. Needless to say, I fell in love with the color and craved more. I had a friend who said they weren't sure if they could do bright colors on their nails. Here's my suggestion to you. Buy a $3 Revlon bright nail color and try it once. If you hate it, you only wasted $3 and can remove it right away. But if you love it, well then welcome to the bright colors!


  1. Happy to see Tiffany guest-posting here...great picks, these are all my favorite trends right now too! :)



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